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The Individual Above Society

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    Okay, so you (the visitor) are probably wondering just exactly who we (the creators) are, and since we're really nice people we'll tell you.  We are highschool students, but not just any highschool students.  We are highschool students with opinions.  We used to run the school paper until we were officially banned under the grounds that we did not have the right to have an opinion. Since this point of controversy we have been more or less ostracized by the administrators at our school which as far as we are aware goes against our human right to an education without discrimination.
    By this point, you're probably wondering, okay, so what the hell are your heinous opinions, anyway?  And even if you're not we're going to tell you.  Right now.
    Basically, we believe in a philosophy which could be termed either individualism or existentialism depending on who you talk to.  Some people call us anarchists, but we feel that this is not an accurate description of our philosophy, and we're not exactly thrilled at being associated with the negative conceptions most people have about anarchists.  We would like to make it clear that we never once attempted to force our opinions on anyone else.  Our writing was simply influenced by our opinions, which is perfectly natural and unavoidable. The following is an incredibly brief summary of our basic premises, and a list of some books which you might be interested in reading if you want to do some further research on the topic.

1. Freedom of thought is the most fundamental of all human rights.  Beliefs are the definitive aspects of character and no person or group has the right to persecute someone because of their beliefs or directly force that person to alter their beliefs.
-if you don't think for yourself, you're not you, you're only a reflection of someone or something else and you have the right to be you and I have the right to be me

2.  All people have the right to partake of any information which another is willing to share.  In the interest of having original thoughts, all people must be able to learn whatever they want.  No one, no  government has the right to interfere in this process.  There should be no such thing as a banned book, idea, music, or any other medium.  If two or more people or organizations wish to share information, no one else can interfere in this process.  A person cannot be forced to learn or accept information or ideas if they do not wish to.  This means that murder, torture, physical, mental, and sexual abuse or assault are illegal.

3.  All people may choose to express any ideas as they see fit, through any medium.  They can not be ethically censored on any grounds, nor can they be forced to disclose any information that they do not wish to disclose.  This means that murder, torture, physical, mental, and sexual abuse or assault for the purposes of censorship are all illegal.

4.  All people have the right to choose the course of their own life.  A person has the right to both live and die as they choose.  Yes, this means that euthanasia is okay, on the premise that we have no right to force another person to remain suffering in any form on the face of this planet if they don't want to be here.  Even if they are perfectly happy, a person still has the right to take their own life.  Everyone else has the right to have an opinion on it, and no one is saying that you have to be apathetic about it.  You just don't have the right to force someone to go on living, and no one else has the right to make you go on living when you don't want to.  Think of it in terms of car accidents: would you rather be paralyzed, a vegetable or dead?  If you would rather be dead you can probably see the value of this premise.  If you would rather be a vegetable or paralyzed, hey, that's your choice.  It's your right and no one can deny it.  Also, if someone is emotionally distressed to the point where they wish to be dead they can do whatever is in their power to fulfill that desire.  Sure, they might be making a mistake, but it's their decision to take that responsibility.  In fact this gives the individual far more responsibility than our current society does.

5.  All people have the right to be free from the oppressions of fear and physical force.

6.  All people have the right to define themselves externally.  This includes the use of such crutches for individuality as  possession, association, and residence.

7.  All people have the right to give up all or any of their rights, temporarily or permanently.

Topics of Clarification
Explanation on Statutes 1-3
Some thought provoking literature which you might be interested in reading:
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Island by Aldous Huxley
Coming Up for Air by George Orwell
1984 by George Orwell
Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Escape from Freedom by Erich  Fromm
Man for Himself by Erich Fromm
Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
Franny and Zooie by J.D. Salinger

Some thought provoking movies which you might be interested in seeing (there are so few out there):
The Godfather (all three)
StarTrek: First Contact
Harrison Bergeron (it's Canadian, eh?)
The Truman Show
Patch Adams

Please feel free to visit the Canadian Insurrection Party homepage.  We support this party mainly because we created it, but we also thinkthat  it beats the hell out of any other party we've ever heard of.  It's certainly a lot more innovative and we're not focused on attaining power or even winning the election.  We just want a freer society.  We hope that we'll have enough money to get on the ballot for the next election, so be our guest and read our platform and think about it.